How to setup your business on eShduler ?

  • You first need to signup on eShduler.
  • Once you Signed up on the system, you will get an email and just follow the email to be able to login to the system.
  • Once you logged in, the very first step is to define your Business services by go into the Services module. Go into Services >Category and define your category that is suitable for your service and then go into Services>Services List and define here your services by clicking the ‘Add New’ button.
  • The next step is to give access of these services which you’ve created to your relevant staff member. AS you have not added any new staff/employee yet so you yourself is only staff/employee in the system at the moment. Let’s assign these services to yourself which means you do these services and customers can book you for these services.
  • Go into the Employees>Employees List and then click the ‘View Details’ icon to go into the detail of selected staff/employee. Now click on services tab and tick the services and press save.
  • Now you’re ready to ‘Book Appointments’ for your customers. Click on Book Appointment to start booking your appointments for your customers.


Gives you overall summary of your business like how many appointments are active or completed. You can view charts which would be helpful to quick overview of your customer bookings.


Under this module you see all your customers bookings by dates, and you can see which staff has free booking slots available on which dates.

Book Appointment

This module helps you to book customer appointments.


This module helps you to keep track of all communication which sent out from your business to your customers/employees.


This module saves all your staff and you can assign services to your staff also setup your staff duty timings under this module. You can view how many appointments this staff has been done or active through this module too.


This module holds the information about all your customers and this module has pretty much same functions which employees module has.

Manage Products

This module is helpful if you’re selling products too in your business. You can save all information there. Information about your suppliers and purchases/sales.


This module saves all of your services which business offers.


Here you can save all settings for your business. If your business has already some website then under settings you can find unique eShduler URL, so you can paste this URL on to your website so your customer can simply book their appointments by simply clicking on this URL.

Appointment Requests

You will be notified here when any of your customer book appointments by their own (by clicking the link which are located under settings)